Covid-19 has brought a drastic change in the education sector of the country due to which no physical classes are taking place either in Pakistan or abroad. The Covid situation is so stern that almost all the countries have closed their doors to your international education dream.

Due to this deadly pandemic, universities all over the world have changed their admission policies, eligibility criteria, and procedures of the educational institutions, mostly for the students willing to study overseas.

Hold up! This really does not mean that you cannot get enrolled in your dream university in your desired country. Universities are still interested in engaging students from all over the world and thus admissions, intakes, and deadlines are deferred. Therefore, it’s wise for you to keep yourself in a search play and pursue your desired course.

We tried to look up the best destinations to study overseas for you in 2021:


The USA has always been the most premier study destination because of its open-ended immigration policies, contrasting culture, well-known universities to name a few. USA’s educational institutions have always been ranked at the top of international rankings. The institutions have collaborated with the top universities across the globe thus leading to many windows of opportunities which you can be a part of.


The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has always been known as an educational hot seat since forever now. Many outstanding personalities have started their ventures from the kingdom, and have managed to build up to the minute culture and education in other countries. As you would expect, even during the pandemic, the UK has been sharp-eyed in providing services to its citizens and international students, while making sure that the Visa application is smooth and steady exactly like the admission process.

New Zealand

New Zealand currently has very harsh international travel bans to prevent the deadly virus and the pandemic. But, universities there are functioning very closely with the government and are planning to enroll foreign students.

New Zealand has taken the initiative of transitioning the students to online studies so that their international students can continue their dream homework until all the travel bans and restrictions are lifted.


Australia has been one of the most wanting and on the top countries for students who wish to study abroad. They have some of the finest educational institutes in the world with a quality way of life and cultural diversity. The ultra-modern healthcare infrastructure has helped Australia to control the life-threatening pandemic very smartly. Australian Universities are also providing feasible scholarships for this academic session.


Luckily, Canada has been one of the least affected countries by the pandemic and the educational sector of the country is doing great as ever. The recent revisions in the International Student Laws have made the country exceptionally popular among the students who plan to study abroad. Their admission portals work online for both local and international students. Their outstanding scholarships offers and the promise of a well-maintained superb lifestyle is on the go too, it’s wise to prepare for the offer beforehand.


We really hope this blog has provided you with an ample list of countries to study in considering the current situation of the world. You can avail all the top-tier opportunities and apply for the one which suits you the best. We are offering free counseling sessions and career consultations with our experts to help you figure out your career path.

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